CEO Message




Pakistan is a developing country and in the recent past has experienced lot of transformations in many fields. Though many sectors have inducted latest trends in the evolution process but still there are certain areas which  have remained neglected.

Following are some of the Industries and facilities which require immediate introduction/ induction of the latest trends.

  • Pharmaceutical Industries

  • Food Industries

  • Public Health Sector

  • Hospitals and Clean Rooms

  • Clinics and Pharmacies

  • Food Carriage Containers

  • Food Storage

  • Marts & Offices Buildings with Central HVAC System

  • Schools and Universities

Unfortunately the areas which requires a most sterilized environment have not been  paid due attention or protected against harmful germs / bacteria.

 A need was felt to make these facilities/ Infrastructures of Public Importance more              environment friendly and therapeutic.

A dream came true once the products of Burke Industrial Coatings, USA were searched   and accepted.

Now all these areas have been targeted to transform these to healthier, Anti-microbial and sterilized environments with the application of Burke Industrial Products.

 Also in most of the industries no measures against the corrosion are being taken.