About Us

KAHF ASSOCIATES has been established for the purpose of Trading & Services at National / International levels. The company has primarily focused on the existing very poor hygienic aspects in  our Hospitals, Pharmaceuticals, Food Industries, Commercial Kitchens and all other areas of similar nature where a high standard of healthy & hygienic environments are a must. In this regards a campaign along with the introduction of Antimicrobial products of Burke Industrial Coatings, USA has been initiated. All these entities have now been convinced to switch over to the most reliable solutions regarding making their environments  hygienic and protected against the harmful germs / bacteria.  

Similarly most areas of our country especially along the coastal  belt are pron to corrosion and rusting. All our major infrastructures including Manufacturing Industries, Ship Yards, Railways Carriage Factories, Aviation Industries are badly effected with the rusting and corrosion. Presently no well defined solutions to guard against the corrosion/ rusting  effects exist in the market. Therefore the company has taken the responsibility to introduce the Anti-Corrosion products of Burke Industrial Coatings, USA to address this most common problem of our country. 

For  achieving these goals,  a team of professionals have been engaged at country level not only to introduce the products but also to create awareness among the masses .

The company intend to make Pakistan a country from where all these products will be supplied to the entire region specially with the operation of Gawader Port.